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Indiana University Bloomington

Fees & Support

Free Support

IU faculty, staff, or students from any of our eight campuses may receive up to four hours of free support per semester for "light" consultation and assistance. This usually includes an hour-long initial consultation to discuss the project and statistical considerations, where the consultant will answer questions and offer advice for the researcher to proceed with analysis. The client is welcome to return to the consultant (or email/call) with follow-up questions for up to four hours of a consultant's time. Further support can be provided through funded services, described below.

In-person consultations are the best way to communicate the complexities of a research project and associated analsysis. When face-to-face meetings are not possible, consultations can be made via email, online, or phone, particularly for follow-up converations after the initial meeting.

Funded Collaboration

The ISCC operates on a cost recovery basis. Clients requesting support beyond the four free hours of service can recruit an ISCC statistician to engage in the project more fully by providing funding for appropriate personnel. Collaboration with ISCC can range from short-term analysis to a long-term member of your team.

Work can be arranged for any number of hours, whether only a few hours of a consultants time (e.g. 10-20 hours) or many days/weeks/months for larger efforts (e.g. 10 hours a week for 6 months, or 300 hours a semester, etc).


For IU researchers, funding can be transferred through an IU research account (or a student's Bursar account).

External clients (outside IU) can be invoiced to pay Indiana University with a check.


ISCC statisticians can be written into grant proposals either as a group resource, listing "Indiana Statistical Consulting Center", or by naming individual personell with %FTE calculated in the budget. Your consultant will work with you to determine the appropriate amount of time and personell to include in the budget. Support will often include a Senior Consultant along with a student Consulting Associate working together. Note that time spent in grant preparations (beyond the initial four free hours) also generally requires compensation.


For grants or hourly work, current billing rates (Jul 2012- Jun 2013) are as follows, by client type:

  • IU Researchers: $45/hr
  • External Non-profits: $60/hr
  • External for Profit: $75/hr