Degree Programs

It's a great time to be doing graduate studies in statistics! The astonishing amount of data being collected today is literally transforming science and the skills of statisticians are in demand more than ever.

The advent of "Big data" is very exciting for statisticians, making statistical thinking a centerpiece of scientific inquiry in many areas of science and raising new questions for researchers interested in applied, methodological, and theoretical questions.

The Department of Statistics at IUB offers graduate programs leading to a Master's degree in Applied Statistics, a Master’s degree in Statistical Science, and a Ph.D. degree in Statistical Science. The M.S. in Applied Statistics is intended for the student pursuing a Ph.D. in another field who wishes to enhance his or her statistical knowledge and credentials by obtaining a graduate degree in Statistics in addition to a graduate degree in his or her primary field of study.  The M.S. in Statistical Science degree is intended to prepare a student for a career as a professional statistician working in business, government, or industry. The Ph.D. degree is a rigorous research-oriented program in both theory and application, leading to a career in academia or industry.