B.S. in Statistics

B.S. in Statistics

Degree Requirements

  1. Writing: Students must fulfill the writing requirements for a B.A. in The College of Arts and Sciences.
  2. Foreign Language: 3 credit hours (or equivalent) at or above the second-year level.
  3. Arts and Humanities: 3 courses.
  4. Social and Historical Studies: 3 courses.
  5. Natural Sciences (excluding courses in quantitative methodology, e.g., in statistics, mathematics, or computer science): 4 courses. These courses must be completed with a grade of C- or higher. Students may not count a Freshman Seminar course toward fulfillment of this requirement.
  6. Topics: 1 course
  7. Concentration Core Courses: 10 courses. The following courses (or their equivalents, approved by the statistics department chair) are required:
    1. Basic Mathematics: M211, M212 (or M213), M311 (Calculus I–III). The requirement of M211 and M212 can be waived for students who attain appropriate scores on advanced placement calculus tests.
    2. Mathematics for Statistics: M301 (Linear Algebra and Applications) or M303 (Linear Algebra for Undergraduates) or S303 (Honors Course in Linear Algebra), M463 (Introduction to Probability Theory I).
    3. Statistics: S320 (Introduction to Statistics) or S350 (Introduction to Statistical Inference), S420 (Introduction to Statistical Theory), S431 and S432 (Applied Linear Models I–II), S490 (Statistical Consulting).
  8. Concentration Elective Courses: at least 2 additional courses that concern the theory or practice of quantitative methodology. Ordinarily, these courses should be 400-level (or higher) courses in or cross-listed with Statistics. Courses that are not cross-listed with Statistics must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Department of Statistics.
  9. Computer Proficiency: reasonable proficiency in computer programming, as demonstrated by earning a grade of at least C- in CSCI A201, or MATH M371, or an appropriate substitute approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Department of Statistics.

Students must also complete the requirements and procedures listed in the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin under "General Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees."

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